Cremation Events

Choosing cremation does not limit your options for honoring your loved one. In fact we advise our families that a ceremony of some kind is of great value to the living. It offers them an opportunity to come together to remember the experiences, joys and triumphs of a life well-lived.

  • Memorial Services

    Memorial Services

    Traditionally, a memorial service is a service held without the body present. Typically these ceremonies include prayers, poems, or songs to remember the deceased, but “typical” is changing in today’s society.

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  • Visitation Services

    Visitation Services

    At the visitation, also called a "viewing","wake" or simply "calling hours,” the body of the deceased person is present, so it naturally occurs prior to the cremation. The viewing usually takes place on one or two evenings before the funeral.

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  • Graveside Services

    Graveside Services

    Many families opt to have their services at the cemetery where the cremated remains will be interred. The outdoor setting provides a beautiful backdrop to a warm, inviting, yet casual service in honor of the deceased.

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  • Safekeeping the Remains

    Safekeeping the Remains

    We’ve heard it all. Families are often in a quandary as to how to care for their loved one’s cremated remains, and end up storing them in the laundry room, or under the kitchen sink. We have a selection of more honoring choices for you.

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