Safekeeping the Remains

After choosing cremation, another important decision has to do with tending to the cremated remains. Do you want to have them returned to you for scattering at a later time? Are you going to keep them at home permanently? Would you rather have us scatter them for you?

All too often families are left wondering what they should do with the "ashes." One woman we know carried them with her everywhere, even taking the temporary plastic container with her when she ran errands. When asked "why," she responded, "It gives me time to tell him about my day." Other stories we've heard have found the cremated remains stored in the unlikeliest of places in the family's home. Often, what started as a "temporary" resting place (for while the family decided on a scattering location) became a permanent one. The cremated remains became an afterthought in the increasingly busy days of family members, and no decision was ever made about what should be done with the "ashes." They sat on a shelf, or under the sink, for years.

This is, of course, different than placing the cremated remains in a beautiful urn, and putting them in a place of honor somewhere in the home. But even then, sometimes families need to make a decision about how they can best 'safe keep' the remains of a loved one.

Here at Cremation Society of St. Louis, LLC we've heard it all, both good and bad. And we want to help you avoid the guilt of neglecting the remains of a loved one. We've got some wonderful suggestions, and affordable options to safeguard your loved one's remains.

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